Wet Paint Application Lines

Parts passing through the surface preparation lines are now ready for painting. The parts are painted for corrosion protection and appearance. There are a number of issues that need to be considered when designing the paint booths. The first is to provide an environment in which the paint can be applied. The environment is important in terms of spraying the paint and allowing the operator to work comfortably. The other is to capture and dispose of paint overspray. The fresh air supplied to the system in the booths is directed at the paint towards the floor at the desired speeds. Adhesion of paint to the booth walls is minimised. The necessary environment is provided for the person working in the booth to breathe comfortably. Whether the paint being applied is water-based or solvent-based, the fresh air supplied to the system is also conditioned. Paint overspray is released into the atmosphere after being retained in hydrofilters or paint stop filters. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of system is recommended and made by us according to parameters such as production capacity, amount of paint sprayed for painting, amount of overspray and cleaning requirements. Purification systems must be installed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are generated during paint application and cannot be retained in filters. It is possible to burn VOCs in the air (with an incinerator) or eliminate them by biological methods (biological treatment system).

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