Boysis started its activities in 2000 as a company based in Istanbul. Under the leadership of its founding partners Osman Şeker and Selçuk Ilgaz, it has established facilities in the industrial paint industry.

In 2005, it expanded its experienced staff and developed its infrastructure to fill the gap in the sector.

Since 2007, it has focused especially on its services in the automotive sector and has raised both its design and production activities to the level of the automotive sector.

In 2008, since the Istanbul factory was not capable of meeting the demands, it started to establish its new factory in Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone with an area of ​​50,000 m2.

In 2009, it moved some of its technical and administrative staff to the Bandırma Factory and started to carry out its production activities in its facilities in Bandırma OIZ.

In 2010, it developed its expertise in paint circulation systems and robotic painting systems by investing in personnel and R&D in the field of Robotic Automation.

In 2017, it created the Luftsis brand, which specializes in industrial air handling units, and expanded its personnel and machinery infrastructure to operate in this sector.

In order to meet the increasing production demands in 2018, it increased the closed area in its Bandırma factory from 10,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters.

It continues its continuous improvement and innovation activities by following the technology together with the knowledge of hundreds of facilities it has established in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.