Paint Preparation, Circulation systems, Automatic mixing units, Pig for colour changing system.

Boysis designs, manufactures and installs the necessary paint circulation, mixing and automatic cleaning (pig) systems for wet paint application systems.

Pneumatic or electric motor pump and mix systems are successfully used in paint kitchens.

If the processes of preparing the paint, mixing it with the hardener and transferring it to the spray gun are designed correctly, significant savings in material, time and labour costs can be achieved in wet paint applications.

The paint kitchen is designed according to the colour and number of hardeners to be used in the plant. It is equipped with equipment to ensure that the paint is mixed and delivered in a controlled manner. The temperature of the room is precisely controlled to maintain the viscosity of the paint and for safety reasons.

High Capacity (HR) and Low Capacity (LR) systems are designed according to the amount of paint consumed, and PIG systems are used if necessary, depending on the frequency of colour changes.

PIG systems can optionally be designed as a paint kitchen robot. Paint kitchen robot systems are also available on request.

Homogeneous mixing of paint and hardener in appropriate proportions is crucial in 2-component applications. This can be effectively achieved through the use of robotic arm equipment (process arm) in robotic applications.

With the quick colour change system on the robotic arm, the paint is thrown between the mixing unit and the gun when the colour is changed or at the end of production. This is an extremely small amount and minimises the high cost of colour change.

Robot arm equipment and PIG systems are Boysis' own designs and products.

For manual painting applications, Boysis uses its patented Smartmix© system to mix paint and hardener.

Smartmix enables essential functions such as mixing ratios, mixture homogeneity, automatic color change, and automatic system cleaning in case of production stoppage. These features are readily available, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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