Drying and Curing Ovens

It is a necessary process for drying the part to remove water particles from the surface after surface preparation and to cure the powder or wet paint applied to the part. Homogeneous air distribution has become important in ovens designed to dry and cure parts. It is also important to avoid unnecessary energy losses. The external insulation of the oven, the heating group, the air circulation system, the exhaust system and the air distribution system are all designed to achieve these objectives.

The critical points in the design of the kiln are the correct use of insulation material, minimisation of thermal bridges, design of air ducts to ensure homogeneity, correct selection of combustion chamber material, correct selection of thermal load and air flow rate, design of kiln inlets and outlets to minimise heat loss, optimum heat quantity. Exhaust air is filtered.

We install infrared heating systems in cases such as eliminating orange peel on parts to be painted, preheating thick parts, accelerating the release of water/air solvent inside parts, shortening the length of the oven at high capacities and eliminating oil on the surface. Infrared systems are available with electricity and natural gas.

The Boysis range includes ovens operating at temperatures up to 400°C.

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