Powder Coating System (By guns)

In industrial branches related to mass production, protecting product surfaces from atmospheric corrosion and ensuring appropriate mechanical properties and aesthetic values are crucial. The electrostatic method is one of the most universally adopted methods for fixing ready-made elements by applying protective coatings.

Thermoplastic and thermoset material based powder paints are confidently used for this purpose. It is worth noting that polymer coating materials do not contain liquid flammable substances such as varnish solvents. The electrostatic method is highly versatile and can be applied to protect a wide range of products, including furniture, household appliances, steel structural elements, panel radiators, pressure vessels, electrical equipment elements, and especially products in the automotive supply industry.Powder Coating application is widely used not only in the metal industry but also in sectors such as aluminum profiles, glass and ceramics.

In the powder coating booth, we spray thermoplastic and thermoset materials with compressed air while applying high voltage. It is crucial to remove overspray particles from the system promptly.

The constant formation of an electrostatic field increases the risk of igniting a mixture of dust and air due to electrostatic discharge.

The constant movements of powder paint within the paint booth and recovery system pose a higher risk of explosion than fire.

Boysis confidently offers cabinets with PVC, stainless, and powder-coated bodies, utilizing the world's best powder coating equipment.

To prevent the spread of powder paint into the environment, it is imperative that a suitable air flow and filtering system is used to recycle it. The Sinter Lamella Filter is a highly effective filtering system that ensures the air passing through the recovery system is filtered before being released into the environment.

Boysis offers PVC Powder Coating Application Cabinet and mono/twin cyclone systems, which are especially suitable for manufacturers with high color change.

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