Powder Coating System (By Fluidized Bed)

Fluidised bed powder coating is a coating process in which finely ground powder particles are suspended in air and the preheated part is immersed in a powder bath. The molten particles bond to the object, providing a consistent and smooth surface on metal parts.

This type of powder coating is ideal for parts that need a thick, even layer but without a lot of detail. The positive side of this coating is that if there are small defects in the metal object, the fluidised powder can also hide them.

Fluidised powder is the material used in powder coating fluidiser. These powders have larger particle size. Typically, a thermoplastic powder is used because it melts when exposed to heat and hardens as it cools. Additionally, unlike thermoset materials, it can be remelted. Powder coating is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon or polyethylene.

An open tank has a bed of dust at the bottom. At the bottom of the tank is a porous membrane, and under the membrane is a pressure chamber. This chamber is a pressurised enclosure containing positive pressure. Air flows through the housing and porous membrane.

This air causes the dust into which the heated object is immersed to rise. Liquefied powder is what coats the metal object.

Dishwasher baskets, refrigerator baskets, and electric car battery mounting cases are the parts coated in this way. Boysis is a leading company in its country with the facilities it has established in this field. 

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