Power&Free Conveyor Systems

The Power&Free conveyor system, which is a double-rail conveyor system with the lower carrier and the upper drive, enables extremely flexible solutions in material movement. The system, which is especially preferred in large, heavy, medium and high capacities, is also widely used for stocking purposes. Since the carrier cars on which the material is hung are not connected to the conveyor chain, the materials on the conveyor line can move independently of each other. In this way, the following movements are possible for materials on the same conveyor line: • Materials on the line can move closer and further away from each other. • With the scissor facility, materials can be directed to different routes and returned to the same line. • On the same conveyor line, materials can move at different speeds in different regions. • While one material is in motion, another material may be at rest. • Materials that go one after the other on the line can be lined up side by side in another area and stacked in a short area. • The carrier rail of the conveyor can be separated from the line and move up and down in the desired region. In this way, it can facilitate loading / unloading operations. • The weight of the material is loaded on the carrier rails and trolleys. The chain is only exposed to pushing load. In this way, very high weight materials can be transported. Boysis designs and manufactures Power&Free conveyors within its own structure.  

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