Material Transfer Systems

Material handling, in its simplest sense, is the process of moving parts from one point to another under the desired conditions with the safest and most optimal solutions. Alternative solutions are offered depending on the number, shape, weight and process of the parts.

Transfer systems used in dyeing plants are as follows

- Monorail conveyors (Kardan, Webb)

- Power&Free conveyors

- Skid conveyors

- Up-turned floor level conveyors

- Overhead crane systems

- Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Depending on the requirements of the dyehouse process, several of these systems can be used in an integrated manner.

Boysis designs and manufactures Cardan, Power&Free, Skid and upturned floor conveyors within its own structure.

In the selection and design of the transfer system, parameters such as suitability for material weight, cycle time and speed suitable for capacity, ergonomic loading and unloading and optimisation of the dyehouse components come to the fore.

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