Ethics Policy

BOYSİS MAKİNE CONTRACTING INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. We are committed to adhering to high ethical standards in conducting our business and maintaining our relationships. We measure the success of our company not only by financial gains, but also by our commitment to ethical values ​​and social responsibilities.

1. Transparency and Accountability: BOYSİS is determined to carry out all its activities in a transparent manner and to adhere to the principle of accountability. We share all business-related information accurately and honestly and make business-related decisions in a fair and transparent process.

2. Fair Competition: While operating in a competitive business environment, we strictly adhere to the principles of fair competition. We respect our competitors, avoid unfair competitive practices and fully comply with the law.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers' satisfaction and trust are at the center of our business. We serve our customers with honesty, respect and professionalism and strive to best meet their needs.

4. Conflict of Interest and Bribery: BOYSIS takes the necessary precautions to avoid conflict of interest and avoid illegal practices such as bribery. None of our employees use unethical means to obtain personal benefit from customers, suppliers or other business partners.

5. Social Responsibility: As a company, we are aware of our responsibilities towards society and the environment. We strive to support social and environmental sustainability, contribute to the well-being of society and minimize the negative impacts of our business.

This policy, BOYSİS MAKİNE TAAHHÜT SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. It is a framework adopted by and that all our employees must comply with. Adhering to our ethical values, we conduct our business within the framework of honesty, fairness and respect.