Electro Coating Systems

Electrocoating is a coating process based on the principle of applying paint to the part using an electric current. It is widely used for coating materials that require a high level of corrosion resistance in terms of paint quality. Due to the low film thickness and electroplating effect, the most complex parts and assembled products can be easily coated. Due to this structure, it is widely used in many industries such as automobiles, automotive parts, white goods, agricultural equipment, hand tools, marine equipment, transformers, metal office furniture, garden equipment and furniture, fasteners, cutting tools and so on.

The cataphoresis process has the following advantages

- Even the most complex surfaces can be easily coated, minimising costs and maximising performance.

- Painting problems such as bleeding and dripping are minimised.

- The closed-loop rinsing system increases paint usage efficiency to 95% and significantly reduces waste water.

- Cataphoresis paints are formulated to be free of heavy metals and contain very low levels of organic solvents.

Due to its low UV resistance, it is used as a primer on materials that will be directly exposed to sunlight. It may also need to be tinted with a topcoat as it is difficult to change colour. Wet paint or powder paint can be applied as a topcoat.

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