ABB •  Transformer painting line
AKPRES •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
ALAPALA •  Powder and wet painting line
ALBAKOM •  Powder coating system
ALFA LAVAL •  Process baking oven
APLAS •  Plastic wet painting line
ARSAN KAUΗUK (MAGEBA) •  Combined wet coating line
ASİSTAL ALάMİNYUM •  Powder coating booth
AVTOVAZ (LADA)  •  Automobile wet painting line (RUSSIA)
AVTOVAZ (LADA)  •  E/D (Cataphoresis) conversion (RUSSIA)
AVTOVAZ (LADA)  •  E/D (Cataphoresis) ultrafiltration conversion (RUSSIA)
AVTOVAZ (LADA)  •  ED-coating line and Chemical wastes purification station, for LADA B/C project (RUSSIA)
BAYKAL •  Metalworking machinery painting line
BEKO •  R/D dept. wet paint application system
BEKO •  T.V. Frame paint line - (RUSSIA)
BEKO •  T.V. Frame paint line - Turkey
BMC •  Chasses paint line curing oven 
BOSCH – PROFİLO •  Washing machine Cataphoresis curing oven
BOSCH – PROFİLO •  Washing machine powder curing oven
BOSCH – PROFİLO •  Washing machine pre-treatment plant modification
BOSCH – PROFİLO •  Washing machine silver colour coating system
BURAK ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminum profile powder coating line
CERES REKLAM •  Powder coating line
CHMZ   •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line (RUSSIA)
CMS •  Automatic paint sludge removing system
COŞKUNΦZ •  Revision for panel radiator painting line
CTP KOMPOZİT •  Plastic wet painting line 1
CTP KOMPOZİT •  Plastic wet painting line 2
ΗAKMAK VİNΗ •  Wet painting line
ΗELİKLER •  Aluminium profile ageing oven
ΗELİKPAN •  Panel radiator painting line
ΗELİKPAN •  Capacity increasing of panel radiator line 
ΗELİKPAN •  Water boiler powder coating line
DEKORAL ALάMİNYUM •  Powder coating line
DEMİRDΦKάM •  E/d and wet paint curing ovens Power&Free conveyor installation
DEMSAŞ •  Aluminium profile powder coating line modifications
DESEN KİMYA •  Powder coating line
ENERCON  •  Wind energy rotor blades painting plant (GERMANY)
EGE FREN •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
ERA MEDİKAL •  Medical waste cleaning line (Adapazarύ)
ERA MEDİKAL •  Medical waste cleaning line (Bursa)
ERK OTOMOTİV •  Bumper painting line (RUSSIA)
ERKUNT •  Pretreatment line heating system
FAREL PLASTİK •  Plastic wet painting line
FARPLAS •  Hyundai dashboard painting line
FİMAKS •  Agricultural machinery wet painting line
FORD OTOSAN •  Bumper touch-up line
FORD OTOSAN •  Central paint preparation conditioning
GESTAMP TALLENT  •  Acid / pickling line  (England)
GREIF •  Barrel painting wet paint curing oven
GREIF •  Barrel painting wet paint curing oven (Algeria)
GREIF •  Biological air treatment system (England)
GREIF •  Biological air treatment system (Gebze)
HAMGAM •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line (IRAN)
HİSARLAR •  Cab e/d treatment line curing oven
HİSARLAR •  Cab primer and top coat paint line
HİSARLAR •  Tractor cap Cataphoresis line
ISATIS •  Panel radiator painting line (Iran)
ISUZU •  Bus painting line
JERREL  •  Powder coating line with Power & Free conveyor and automatic pre-treatment line (FRANCE)
JMS JAMAK •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
JMS JAMAK •  Steel wheel surface finishing plant
KANTARCI •  Powder coating line
KARYA •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
KAT MEKATRONİK •  Plastic wet painting line
KOLUMAN •  Trailer and Trailer upper construction paint line
KOLUMAN •  Concrete pomp paint line
KOZA ALTIN •  Stainless steel tanks and air conditioning
KROMASIS •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profiles multi colour powder coating plant with Power & Free conveyor
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profiles pre-treatment line
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profiles single colour powder coating plant with Power & Free conveyor
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Anodising plant
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Auxiliary plants (overheated water plant, chilled water plant etc.)
KURTOĞLU ALάMİNYUM •  Film transfer system
MAYSAN MANDO •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
MEFA •  Dip powder coating plant (2010)
MEFA •  Dip powder coating plant (2016)
MOONLIGHT •  Aluminium profile ageing oven
NAKIŞ METAL •  Aluminium profile ageing oven
NORDEX  •  Wind energy rotor blades painting plant  (GERMANY)
OLGUN ΗELİK •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line & wet painting line
OTOKAR •  ACC tank PP coating
OTOKAR •  Topcoat line heating unit modification
ΦZEN •  Aluminium profile powder coating line
PETEK PLASTİK •  Dip powder coating plant
POLYTEC •  Plastic wet painting line
PPG •  Chemical preparing tanks
PPG •  Painting plant modifications
RENAULT •  Car body primary and top coat paint curing ovens
RENAULT •  Electric automobile test booth
RENAULT •  Fast touch-up booth and finition line
RENAULT •  Rain test booth
RENAULT •  Touch up booth and curing oven
RENAULT •  Water based booth personnel corridor
RETTIG •  Panel radiator &cover powder coating line (POLLAND)
RETTIG •  Panel radiator pre-treatment line
RMK MARINE •  Yacht baking oven
SACHS •  Automatic sludge removing system
SACHS •  Carbon filter system for solvent
SAMAUTO •  Minibus and truck cap E/D Line (UZBEKİSTAN)
SANA  •  Wet painting line  (IRAN)
SARAY ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profile powder coating line
SGN KİMYA •  Panel radiator cover coating line
SIGARTH AB •  Pretreatment and powder coating line
ŞAHİNKUL •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
TAFE •  Tractor wet painting line
TAI •  B10-b42 building panting plants
TAI •  B210 building painting plants
TAI •  Cold storage rooms
TAI •  Plane parts wet paint curing oven
TAI •  Robotic paint application system
TAI •  Sealing application booth
TEI •  Plane motor automatic painting system
TEMSA •  Bus phosphating line
TEMSA •  Manual treatment booth
TEMSA •  PVC underbody application booths
TEMSA •  Autobus E/D (Cataphoresis) line
THYSSEN KRUPP •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line
TIRSAN •  Trailer E/D (Cataphoresis) line
TOFAŞ •  Automatic sludge removing system
TOYOTA •  Dashboard paint line
TOYOTA •  Wet paint test booth
TUNA ALάMİNYUM •  Aging oven
TUNA ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profile anodising systems
TUNA ALάMİNYUM •  Aluminium profile powder coating plant
ULS TREYLER •  E/D (Cataphoresis) line & wet painting line
άΗLER •  Powder curing oven
VAILLANT (DEMİRDΦKάM) •  Water boiler powder coating line
VEFA •  Pretreatment and powder coating line
VESTEL •  Air conditioned system for enamel lines
VESTEL •  Oven powder coating line
VESTEL •  Oven wet enamel line
VESTEL •  Wet enamel application booths
YILDIZ TREYLER •  Trailer painting line
YILDIZLAR HOLDİNG •  Belt type conveyor system
YILDIZLAR HOLDİNG •  Perlite stock and automatic transfer system
YILDIZLAR HOLDİNG •  Powder collecting system