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Transfer Systemss

Transfer systems are used to take the parts from one point to another with safest and with optimum cost. Depending on the size, number and weight of the parts alternative solutions are applicable.

Monorail Conveyor
All kind of weights and various production capacities use this type of conveyors. Various number of drive units are used according to length and the capacity of the line. Monorail system consists of straight track, chains, horizontal and vertical bends, rotating spindle supports, inspection rail, track tensioned units, lubrication system and joint, expansion joints in ovens, etc. Chain speed is adjustable.

P+Free Conveyors
For the heavy and high capacity of production requirements, P+ Free systems create a wide range of opportunities. This is also used widely in parts storage systems. P+ Free systems consist of two rails in order to run the chain and trolleys separately. Trolley movement allows the parts to have different speed; stop in a certain point; accumulation or with the help of a lift, parts can be lowered where needed. Integrated control panel lets the chain lubrication or speed adjustment automatically.

Crane System
Big, heavy and small capacity production, Cranes system is used creating wide range of opportunities. Parts are moved manually or automatically. This type of system is generally used in truck chases line, Cab line, aluminum profiles pretreatment line, anodizing line etc. Crane arms are can be moved separately making a tilt action in order to remove the liquids inside the parts.