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Film Coating for Aluminum Profiles

Wood and marble effect film coating system
In order to have a wood or marble effect on aluminum profiles the parts should be powder coated first. Process starts with covering the profiles with sheet film. After treating the sheeted profiles with heat film transfers on the profiles. This film is capable to resist to atmospheric pressure and environmental effect. This process is nature friendly process. Powder coating, heating process do not effect the nature. After the process also there is no waste. All waste is recycled.

Running Plant
Powder coated parts are manually or automatically coated by film. Plant could be design with 7,9,11 or 15 profiles batch capacity. System can also be designed as to have both sides feeding system. On the platform with vacuum pumps the air is removed and heating sensors are attached to the profiles. With the signal from PLC, Platform moves into the oven. In order to eliminate heat loss the entrance is equipped with automatic doors. When the parts are reached to required temperature, platform automatically moves out. Vacuum and compressed air connection system allows removing the plastic section from the surface. Plastic parts remove manually.