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Wet Painting Systems

Liquid Paint Application Booth
The purpose of a spray booth is to confine the application of hazardous material to a restricted controlled environment. Spray booths prevent hazardous over spray and volatiles from escaping confinement and causing fire or explosion hazard to nearby operations. The primary function of a paint spray booth is to reduce the likelihood of fires and explosions. A secondary consideration is protecting the operator from toxic materials. This protection is best done with respirators, protective clothing, and hoods. A spray booth is designed to collect solid particulates only, not solvent vapors. To comply with EPA requirements, exhaust air may need to be treated with equipment installed outside the spray booth. A carbon adsorption system or an incineration system, are acceptable methods for collecting VOCs.

Liquid Paint Application Equipments
From planning to production, BOYSİS works to match fluid handling solutions to your painting, coating, sealing and bonding needs. Our systems and modules are rigorously tested to perform to your specifications before they are installed on your production lines. State-of-the-art paint circulation systems, single component, plural component and hot melt systems, plus automatic and manual spray booth equipment help maximize transfer efficiency, reduce waste, increase productivity and maintain consistent quality.