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Powder Coating Systems

Powder Coating is environmentally friendly. Unlike liquid finishing where solvents are used, powder coatings do not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the atmosphere. Further more, powder can be recycled and used again, therefore making Powder Coating more economical. Powder Coating is the right solution to fulfill high demands in performance and quality. Markets such as Aluminum Profiles, Metal Furniture, Machine Industry, Heating, and Air-Conditioning, Household Appliances, and Automobile Industry are using Powder Coating as standard application.

Depending on parts shape and material, Tribo and Corona type of guns are used. Filters and Booth types are as important as gun types. We are using sinter lamella filter to eliminate powder escape form booth and filter. For Booth material Stainless Steel or Powder coated mild steel are available. For color changing mono and multi cyclone system are used.

Depending on the number of parts, height, width and shape reciprocator or robotic systems are used. All systems are controlled from central console.

For kitchen ovens enameling system is used, for these applications ceramic type guns and accessories are used.