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Anodic Oxidation System

Anodic oxidation system is being used since seventy years in order to decorative and industrial purpose.

For architectural purpose there were several research and developments in last decades. Most common method is deposit the organic paint in pores. Various different color pigments are available to have complete spectrum.

Anodic oxidation is a special surface treatment method and creating by electrochemical treatment. The oxidation layer has a perfect configuration with aluminum. Oxidation layer is very hard and good for erosion; this gives a big advantage to aluminum profiles applications. After sealing application it also gives a chemical resistance. Oxidation layer is transparent and gives a metallic vision. Surface is treated mechanically or chemically to give a dull or bright vision before anodic oxidation.

With coloring the oxidation layer aluminum products are widely used for several purposes. Coloring with organic and inorganic paints is not resistant to UV. For this reason integral anodic oxidation process are applied.