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Electro Dipping System

Electro-coating is an organic coating method that uses electrical current to deposit paint onto a part or assembled product. Because of its ability to coat even the most complex parts and assembled products with specific performance requirements, electro-coating is used throughout industry as a means to coat products in various categories such as: agricultural equipment, appliances, automobiles, automotive parts, marine components, transformers, metal office furniture, lawn & garden equipment and furniture, fasteners, trim appliances, fixtures and much more.

Electro-coating offers significant advantages over liquid and powder systems, a few of which include:

The ability to coat complex surfaces evenly, allowing end users to maximize performance and minimize cost.

Elimination of runs, drips and sages.

Closed loop rinsing allows transfer efficiencies in excess of 95%, with dramatically reduced wastewater streams.

Most electro-coat technologies are formulated to be heavy metal free, with little or no HAPS, and very low levels of organic solvents.