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Pretreatment System

Pretreatment systems are one of the key processes for painted parts quality.

Procedures for preparation of parts for painting often include a pre- cleaning step. Removal of oil, grease, scale, weld spatter, lubricants and other materials can be accomplished by mechanical means, with solvents, acids, or alkaline cleaning agents.

While the purpose of pre-cleaning is to remove the contaminants from the surface, this process in and of itself does not provide any protection to the parts.

The term pretreatment refers to a combination of chemical cleaning and conversion coating. The purpose of a conversion coating is two fold. It improves corrosion resistance and provides a surface more accepting of the organic coating, subsequently enhancing adhesion.

There are two types of pretreatment system and their combination.
• Dip pretreatment
• Spray pretreatment.

Depending on the parts details and capacity, index or continuo, manual or automatic lines are available.