Pretreatment Lưnes
Spray and Dip Type Pretreatment Lines

Convectional ovens,direct heated ovens, infrared ovens, termic ovens
Electrodeposition Systems
Cataphoresis(eletrodeposition coating units rectifier, circulation systems, ultrafiltration systems, heating & cooling systems
Film Coating for Aluminum Profiles
Coating plant to product Film Patterned Aluminum Profiles
Anodic Oxidation Systems
Anodic Oxidation Systems for Aluminum Profile
Transfer Systems
Monorail Conveyors, P+Free Conveyors, Skid Conveyors, Belt Conveyors and Rolled transfer systems.
Powder Coating Systems
Manual and automatic systems for electrostatic powder coating applications, powder coating guns, control units and booths.
Control Systems
Central Control Sytems, PLC ve Scada Softwares, Electric and Automation systems.
Wet Paint Application Systems
Air conditioned wet panint application booths with dry and water filtering system. Wet paint application guns, paint preparation and transfer systems.
Treatment Systems
Waste Water and Air Treatment Systems